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If you want to start reaching millions of people...

and build an audience that is knocking down your door for more content….

Then this course is going to change your life.

Here’s why:

I’m Glen, and 5 short years ago, my partners Meg, Con and I were dirt broke, and struggling to get out of ‘200 view jail’ on TikTok and Reels.

But every day, we we woke up early to shoot and stayed up late to edit. 

We did this 7 days a week for months on end.

Then, one day, we had a video go viral.

We realized we could take what worked about that video and apply it to the next one.   

So that’s what we did, again and again and again. 

Until we were able to get 100 million views in just 3 months on our channel @megandglen

We were so confident, we started telling brands we could get them 100,000 views on the first video to a new account or they didn’t pay.

And it worked every time.

So we wondered whether the same strategy would work for someone who’s never made a video in their life.

Enter Gerry Carry.

At 60 years old, Gerry wanted to make a living from golf content but didn’t even have social media accounts.

We gave him the formula.

Within a month he had 100,000 followers and 16 million views on TikTok and Instagram.

So we packaged everything we taught him, putting it into The TikTok and Reels Creator Course.

and made it affordable enough we could get it in the hands of anyone who wanted to grow on social media.

And the results were the exact same for our students.

"I got 1 million views and $4,000 in cookie sales 24 hours after taking the course!!" - Dr Shica

"My account jumped to 37,000 followers in 4 days! and it was a new account!

It felt too good to be true but it was years of hard work being boiled down into the simplest most easy to understand format possible.

And now, it’s all yours.

So here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The secret to break 100k views every time (in any niche)
  • How to create Viral Content with just your phone
  • How to quickly and easily edit engaging videos
  • Posting tips to reach the most people possible on TikTok and Instagram (From account setup to hashtags)
  • How to monetize a channel and turn it into brand deals and a reliable income
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Here's what you get when you enroll today:

7 Video Lessons on how to:

✔  Create viral content for TikTok & Reels
  Master the TikTok/Reels algorithm
  Find a repeatable format to break 100k views every time
  Reach the most people POSSIBLE with your content

Limited Time: Free bonus gift 
BTS creating a video that got 2.2 million views to a new account


✔  Video masterclass on partnerships
✔  Creator Career Playbook
✔  Media Kit Template

✔  Uploading workshop
✔  DaVinci Editing Masterclass
 Keyboard shortcuts (for Mac or PC)

✔  Weekly bonus tips 
Collaboration between creators
 Feedback from members in YOUR niche

Total Value: $1088

Yours today for only: $97 $58.20

If you're ready to get millions of views, raving fans and dream brand deals, let's get started today.

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