The 'Find Your Peak'
Content Creator Course

Learn the roadmap I used to quit my corporate job and make over $100K per year as a content creator!

This course is the proven step-by-step roadmap to help you build a thriving career as a content creator in as little as 14 days! You'll learn how to grow your ideal audience, share compelling stories and generate more revenue through the power of video!

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"After taking the Content Creator Course I now get between 100K-600K views on every TikTok video I post. And I gained 44K followers in the first week! This program blew me up!!"

Azhen Sanctuary

You can create engaging videos to grow your online audience. But it's your job to tell the stories people truly care about. 


Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the content creator game for a while, here’s the truth:

Now more than ever, having an engaged audience you can connect with and serve through video, is the most important asset you can have online.

But, like many of our past students before they enrolled in the Content Creator Course, you might have trouble coming up with ideas, getting consistent views on your videos or just don’t even know where to start.

If that’s the case — our Content Creator Course is the roadmap you need to become a more confident video creator + build a thriving career in the space.

But you might have some roadblocks.

➔ I'm too tired or have limited time. 
Lucky for you, the material can be completed on your own time between your busy lifestyle - you have access for life.
➔ I have little to no experience.
The information in the
course is made for people who’ve never even touched a camera or written a story.

➔  I don't have the fancy equipment.
You can begin with just the smartphone in your pocket! And if you ever decide to upgrade your setup, we'll walk you through our personal  gear suggestions & how to use them.

➔ I've never worked for myself & it feels super intimidating.
Don't worry, we've included a entrepreures roadmap so you don't have to make any of the same mistakes we did over the past 8 years.

And trust me, I get it. 

The content creator starting line can be unbelievably intimidating – especially when you’re stretched micro-thin between work, home life and your social calendar. 

It was only 8 short years ago that I felt trapped in a windowless cubicle with awful florescent lighting, counting down the hours until I could go home to work on my creative side hustle. But my dream of building a life full of balance and creativity felt way out of reach.. until it wasn't. When I couldn't take the feeling of being trapped any longer, I went out on a limb and decided to leave my corporate job (with a stellar salary & great pension plan) and jump head first into the unknown world of content creation. And guess what.. I never looked back!

In my very first year I was able to over double my old salary, create a flexible work schedule that allowed more time for myself, and I woke up feeling more full-filled every single day.

But here's a little secret.

There isn't one successful content creator in history that started their journey thinking 'I've got this down pat." But we're all sure glad we trusted our gut and gave it a shot.

If you're willing to commit to learning the blueprint outlined in this course and implement the systems we've created, I promise you'll be on your way to the creative career you have always dreamed of.

- Meg, Co-Founder of One Peak Creative & the Content Creator Course


"My work purchased this course for me so we could improve our in-house social media. It's going to be a journey and take time but after finishing the script writing lesson I am CONFIDENT we're going to do awesome. But that's not why I'm messaging you. It was the first modules that blew me away. On a personal level this has reshaped SO MUCH for me and is already drastically impacting my life and my families life. I even made my husband so a few of the lessons for his own self because daaaaaaaaaamn. Much respect"


Social Media Coordinator

By the end of this program,
you'll have mastered:


How to maintain a balanced creative lifestyle

so you can better manage your time, work smarter not harder, and build your dream career where you get to have fun creating every single day. 

Turning your ideas into compelling visual stories

so you can keep your audience engaged from start to finish, offer them true value and get the views you deserve on your video content.

How to better prepare for your shoot days

by developing storyboards and shot lists so you can feel more organized, confident and save yourself time going into every single production day.

A streamlined shooting + editing workflow

so you can feel more confident behind the camera, save yourself time in the editing process and provide your audience with quality content.

A consistent
4-phase video launch strategy

so you can get more eyes on your videos,  track + analyze to improve future content and better engage with your growing audience.


But even better yet..

The Content Creator Course will give you the skills, strategy, and resources to build a strong foundation, that will fuel your creativity and give you the opportunity to build a life you love.


The 'Find Your Peak' Content Creator Course is transformative. It's NEW and it's now OPEN for enrolment!

One-Time Payment


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  • Includes lifetime access to the Content Creator Course
  • Access to the 'Find Your Peak' Facebook Community
  • Lifetime access to the 'Find Your Peak' online workshops

Monthly Payment Plan


6 Monthly Payments

  • Includes lifetime access to the Content Creator Course
  • Access to the 'Find Your Peak' Facebook Community
  • Lifetime access to the 'Find Your Peak' online workshops

If you put to work everything we teach you in this course and you still don't see growth, we'll send you a full refund + $1000 for wasting your time. No questions asked. (It's kind of the best return policy ever)

Explore the lesson plan.        


Master the Creative Mindset

A proven Values System for life-long success as a creator!

A positive mindset is the basis for bringing creative ideas to life. Here we give you actionable lessons to avoid creative block & step into your full potential. Along with real life case-studies of these concepts in action that prove just how valuable they really are.

Lessons will include:

  • How to set MASSIVE goals and actually ACHIEVE them
  • How to get out of your head and build CONFIDENCE as a creator
  • How to create and ACTUALLY KEEP UP with the daily habits needed to be a SUCCESSFUL creator

Become a More Powerful Storyteller

A step-by-step guide to tell powerful stories. 

Once you have mastered the creative mindset, the next step is to build out your creative ideas into a story worth telling. In this module, lessons will include:

  • The importance of providing VALUE, and exactly how to do it
  • Research hacks to find the best ideas QUICKLY
  • Brainstorming 101 -  how to overcome creative block and come up with GREAT concepts
  • The art of Storytelling - Hollywood's BEST kept secrets
  • How to write POWERFUL scripts that sell
  • Our Pitch Process - how you can get anyone to say YES to your creative ideas

Plan ahead with Pre Production

Our content planning playbook, along with FREE templates

The secret to creating stress-free video content is having a fool proof plan, In this module, you’ll learn:

  • The storytelling fundamentals to help keep your videos flowing & your audience ENGAGED
  • How to create storyboards FAST & how they can save your project
  • The best way to build out a FOOL-PROOF shot list for your shoot day

You’ll finish this module with the tools to prepare for your production days to ensure they go off without a hitch!


Create Videos with Confidence

For many, the biggest roadblock is bringing your creative ideas to life. In this module, you’ll learn:

  • Our top tips for EFFICIENT setup and shooting
  • How to shoot HIGH QULITY videos using on your iPhone
  • Technical tips for lighting, audio and cameras, to ensure you get a PERFECT finished product
  • The BEST software for editing your videos
  • Editing shortcuts & workflow tips that will make your life EASIER

Our goal is that after you have completed this module you will be a more confident creator and be able to save yourself HOURS of time in the editing process!


Release With A Strong Strategy

Our tried and true launch plan for getting your videos VIEWS. You've created something magical, now what the heck do you do with it?

  • How to LAUNCH your content using our 4-Phase Plan
  • How to NURTURE your audience
  • The importance of PERSISTENCE
  • How the 30 Day Creator Challenge can TRANSFORM your life!!

After this module you'll be ready to put everything you have learned within the course into action!

Still Have Some Questions? Watch Our 'What To Expect' Video.

We'll break down the course even further for you so you REALLY know what you're getting!


Here's what you'll get when you enroll during this limited time period:

The Entire Content Creator Course Framework 

lifetime access to the step-by-step guide to take you from just getting started to soaring past your biggest goals without guessing your way to success or getting stuck in overwhelm..

 The Full Library of How-To Videos

where you will get all the knowledge you need to build your foundation and fast-track to becoming a more confident creator with zero stress.

 Access to Our Latest 'What's Trending Now' Strategies 

for social media platforms, video equipment and editing software (Updated October 2022)!

 Access to the 'Find Your Peak' Facebook Community 

so you can connect with other creators in the industry and be the first to know about any course updates or additions!

Plus, these bonuses will help bring your content creator goals to life faster!


Bonus 01

The TikTok Mini Course ($297.00 value) 

If you're interested in taking an even deeper dive into TikTok and how to optimize the platform for audience and revenue growth, this bonus is for you. When you purchase the Content Creator Course today, you'll be instantly granted access to our TIkTok Mini Course! This is an in-depth guidebook to fast-track growth on TikTok and how to get the most out of the platform as a creator or brand.

This course is currently in production & will be launched in April 2023.

Bonus 02

 A 15 Minute Coaching Call ($147.00 value) 

If having a member of our team as your video wingman sounds like a great asset to your success, this bonus might be right up your alley! For a limited time, we're gifting you the option to jump on a 15 minute coaching call with a member of our team to answer any of your video creation questions.

When You Add it All Up, That’s A Total Real-World Value of $941.00.

Time is running out to get in on all of the bonuses above but luckily you can join the 'Find Your Peak' Content Creator Course today for just…

One-Time Payment


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  • Includes lifetime access to the Content Creator Course
  • Access to the 'Find Your Peak' Facebook Community
  • Lifetime access to the 'Find Your Peak' online workshops

Monthly Payment Plan


6 Monthly Payments

  • Includes lifetime access to the Content Creator Course
  • Access to the 'Find Your Peak' Facebook Community
  • Lifetime access to the 'Find Your Peak' online workshops

Plus, you're backed by a 90-day
“try + apply”money back guarantee.

We totally understand if you are still sitting on the fence. Investing in your personal and professional growth is a big decision. If you had a poor experience with from another program or have completed trainings that have left you skeptical… Then we want to give you EVERY opportunity to put the 'Find Your Peak' Content Creator Course into action and experience how exciting it can be to start seeing growth from your content.

Which is why we are scrapping the 30-day “industry standard” and instead giving you a full 3 MONTHS to go through the video training, complete the lesson activities, implement the systems, and start pumping out content that gets the views it deserves!

We are SO confident that if you put what you learn from the Content Creator Course to work you’ll get ROI that knows no limits. If you apply everything we teach you and don't see a jump in growth, we'll give you a 100% refund AND pay you $1000 for wasting your time. The only thing you have to do is channel the power of belief and give it a chance. You have nothing to lose and thousands — even millions — of eyes on your content gain.

Any Questions? Here’s What Your Fellow Content Creators Have Asked Before Clicking Enroll.


Can I mark you down as a “HECK YES” to start creating videos that will grow your audience, support your goals, provide people true value, generates consistent income, and sets you up for long term success as a creator?

When you sign up for the 'Find Your Peak' Content Creator Course and start putting the proven steps to work, you’ll experience the magic of growing your brand like you never imagined. 

One-Time Payment


Most Popular (Save $85)

  • Includes lifetime access to the Content Creator Course
  • Access to the 'Find Your Peak' Facebook Community
  • Lifetime access to the 'Find Your Peak' online workshops

Monthly Payment Plan


6 Monthly Payments

  • Includes lifetime access to the Content Creator Course
  • Access to the 'Find Your Peak' Facebook Community
  • Lifetime access to the 'Find Your Peak' online workshops

Remember, the secret to getting ahead is getting started.

We all wish that we could simply go to sleep and wake up successful. The road to greatness definitely isn't easy, BUT we hope the knowledge we have outlined in this course - learnings from our biggest wins, opportunities & mistakes - will help fast track you to pursuing your wildest dreams.

We truly believe there is no better time to double down on a career as a content creator. It is one of the most fun, fulfilling and lucrative job out there - it really has no limits. BUT as the space continues to grow at a rapid pace, it is imperative that you are committed to growing with it. Remember, your audience is already scrolling... it's simply your job to provide them an experience they will never forget! Let's get after it!!

- Meg, Glen & Conar
Founders of the Content Creator Course