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The 'Find Your Peak'
Content Creator Course


All you need is a smartphone to get started! We'll teach you how to build your dream career as a content creator and the fundamentals to produce engaging video content.

Learn our ENTIRE creative process that allows us to create engaging videos for ourselves as content creators and the global brands we work with. 

We've bundled up our entire system that has allowed us to grow our audience by 10K per WEEK & gain MILLIONS of views on nearly every video we post.

And now it’s all yours to dive into! 



"After taking the Content Creator Course we now get between 100K-600K views on every TikTok video we post. And we gained 44K followers in the first week!"

- Jaymie, Entrepreneur @ Azhen Sanctuary

 Hi, We're One Peak Creative!

Our Mission: 'Empower people to bring their creative ideas to life." 

We're a team of video creators from BC, Canada.
Three friends turned business partners with a deep passion for driving impact through content creation. Our goal in life is to inspire people to bring their creative visions to life - and empower them with the know-how, tools, and support to do just that!

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5 Tips to Start Capturing Better

iPhone Videos 

As a creator, there is nothing worse than dealing with shaky footage, poor audio and bad lighting.

This free step-by-step guide will give you the tools you need to start capturing higher quality videos using your phone!



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