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Three friends turned business partners with a deep passion for creating impact through content creation. Our goal in life is to inspire people to bring their creative visions to life - and empower them with the know-how, tools, and support to do just that!

Meet the Team

This is Our Story.


A group of friends turned into business partners after deciding we wanted to ditch our traditional 9-5s and pursue content creation full-time. In three very short years, and not to mention a pandemic (talk about a curve ball), we've built a seven-figure video agency from the ground up and created content for many globally recognized brands. But as we're sure many of you can relate, this journey came with many lessons, some major wins, and some fails too.

Throughout all that, we discovered that one of our biggest passions is helping other content creators, no matter what stage of their journey, which is how Find Your Peak was born.

We've packaged up everything we've learned and are excited to help people just like you build their dream careers as content creators! Learn from our wins and mistakes that took us years to master in just a matter of WEEKS!

Meet the Team 

Meg Jackson

"I thrive on community, so if you’re in this course; chances are we’ll be meeting soon! I’ve taken on a lot throughout my career, from Talent Management, to hosting live networking events with major keynote speakers. From Marketing Director for a major brand, to co-founding and growing One Peak to be an internationally recognized name. But what I’m most proud of is what we’ve created with this course. My heart and soul went into producing something that I genuinely believe can transform your life - and I can’t wait to see you do just that!"

- Meg, One Peak Co-Founder

Conar Fair

"I’m driven by finding solutions to unique problems, whether it be in human interactions or business systems - I believe there is always a positive outlook! There aren’t many jobs I haven’t tried… Dairy Farmer, Landscaper, Electrician, Telecom Technician, Marketing Manager.. that’s just the short list. But there is one job I’ve never been more excited about & that’s teaching! Being able to share my experiences with people eager to learn from me is the single most rewarding thing I’ve ever experienced & if you’re excited to hear what I have to say, I’ll make sure its something worth remembering!"

- Conar, One Peak Co-Founder

Glen Jackson

"I have an obsession for learning new things - and I love to challenge myself and the people around me to become the best possible versions of themselves. I’ve had many moments I’m proud of throughout my life - from performing at the Juno’s with my band Derrival, to winning a CCMA for Music Video of the year. But those things pale in comparison to how proud I am of this course. All of my failures, all of my wins, and all of my learnings from the last 10 years of creating content; have been condensed down into this course. If you’re ready to learn, I’m SO ready to tech you!"

- Glen, One Peak Co-Founder

Why We Do It

Content Creator was never a career option when we were growing up. Despite its growing popularity over the past few years, there still isn't a clear formula for successfully becoming one. And while we understand each creator has their own creative flare that makes them special, there are a number of fundamentals that can help make the journey a lot easier. 

Our mission at One Peak is simple: "To encourage others to bring their creative ideas to life." So that's exactly what we are here to do.”


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