We're One Peak Creative.

Before I tell you a bit about us, let me show you!  Below are three of the channels we've started to test and prove our TikTok & Reels strategies.


This is Our Story.


In 2019, we (Conar, Meg & Glen) ditched our traditional 9-5's to pursue content creation full-time. In three very short years, and not to mention a pandemic (talk about a curve ball), we worked our way up to creating content for some of the largest brands on the planet from Doritos and Hasbro to Expedia and Fairmont. 

Throughout this journey, we had the opportunity to create viral social media campaigns in almost every niche imaginable, which led us to a realization:

You can get paid to do ANYTHING if you learn how to create content.

This realization, combined with our passion for helping other content creators is how 'Find Your Peak' was born.  We've packaged everything we've learned and are excited to help people just like you build your dream career as content creators! 

Meet the Team 

Meg Jackson

A proud mama to two sweet little girls, named Emery & Stella! 

If not working or hanging with the fam.. find her hiking or at the gym.

Conar Fair

Became 'the world's most average sponsored golfer' to prove anyone can get paid to do what they love.

Worked as an electrician before quitting to pursue content creation.

Glen Jackson

Our resident nerd, obsessed with learning and discovering new, unique ways to improve.

Got started in the marketing world, working at indie record labels.

Why We Do It

Content Creation has allowed us to live a life we never even dreamed possible growing up.  In the last few years, it's allowed us to:

• Travelled to bucket list destinations for free
• Get paid to literally have fun with our friends
• Build a successful business faster than we ever could have imagined

And our dream is to help more creators do the exact same!

Despite its growing popularity, there still isn't a clear roadmap for success as a creator.  And while it will always take hard work and dedication, we've realized our experience can help make the journey a hell of a lot easier!

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