Stop wasting your time on content that flops. 

Learn the systems, tools, and templates you need to create ENGAGING content and SKYROCKET your social.


Create impactful content that generates MILLIONS of views - even if you’re starting with NO followers and ZERO experience.

You CAN Get The Views You Deserve!

Our proven formula builds a foundation for telling great stories, so you can create authentic content that outlasts any trend and grows far beyond your social media following! Here’s what you’ll learn in just a few hours of video training:

  • The Creative Mindset - a proven Values System for life-long success
  • The Art of Storytelling - a bulletproof step-by-step guide to tell powerful stories
  • The Plan of Action - our content planning playbook, along with FREE templates
  • Content Creation - from iPhone camera setup - to simplified editing workflow
  • The Release - our tried and true launch plan for getting your video VIEWS

Are you ready to learn how to get the most of your content, and live the creative lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of?

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"After taking the Content Creator Course we now get between 100K-600K views on every TikTok video we post. And we gained 44K followers in the first week!"

- Jaymie, Entrepreneur @ Azhen Sanctuary

Explore the lesson plan.

Let's walk though what you can expect from each module & the biggest takeaways from the course.



Creative Mindset

A positive mindset is the basis for bringing creative ideas to life. Learn actionable steps to avoid creative block & step into your full potential. Lessons will include:

  • How to master the Power of Belief
  • Goal setting to help build a better future
  • How to implement constructive daily habits
    You’ll finish this module with the tools to show up as your best creative self every single day.


Once you have mastered the creative mindset, the next step is to build out your creative ideas. In this module, lessons will include:

  • How to provide value & a hook
  • The best way to perform creative research
  • Brainstorming techniques to avoid creative block
  • How to pitch your creative ideas to clients or team members

You’ll finish this module with a streamlined process of how to come up with impactful video ideas & be able to successfully pitch them to others.


Pre Production

The secret to creating stress-free video content is having a foolproof plan. In this module, you’ll learn:

  • The storytelling fundamentals to help keep your videos flowing & your audience captivated
  • How to create a storyboard & when you may need one
  • The best way to build out a shot list for your shoot day

You’ll finish this module with the tools to prepare for your production days to ensure they go off without a hitch!



For many, the biggest roadblock is bringing your creative ideas to life. In this module, you’ll learn:

  • Tips for production setup and shooting
  • How to shoot high quality videos using your iPhone
  • Technical tips for lighting, audio and cameras
  • The best software for editing your videos
  • Editing shortcuts & workflow tips

Our goal is that after you have completed this module you will be a more confident creator and be able to save yourself HOURS of time in the editing process!



For many, the biggest roadblock is bringing your creative ideas to life. In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How to launch your content using our 4-Phase Plan
  • How to nurture your audience
  • The importance of persistence
  • How the 30 Day Creator Challenge can transform your life!!

After this module you'll be ready to put everything you have learned within the course into action!

Still Need Some Convincing? Watch Our Story to Learn How We Did it.

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  • Access to the 'Find Your Peak' Facebook Community
  • FREE TikTok Mini Course ($297.00 value) - limited time offer!

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