Increase your video's watch time with THIS strategy!

social strategy Jun 07, 2024

Have you ever heard of the "Curiosity Gap" strategy?

Basically, it's how creators are achieving WILD retention rates on their videos and how they are getting crazy engagement on their posts.

PLUS how they are able to get well above average watch times on all of their content.

In a nutshell, this strategy is pretty much a secret weapon to get people to watch right through to the end of your video.

And we all know: killer watch time = virality.

The cool part? Literally anyone can implement this and it's not that hard once you understand how it works. Let me explain ⤵️

First off, what is the 'Curiosity Gap'?

To put it simply, creating a 'curiosity gap' is when you are able to present just enough information to intrigue a viewer while holding back enough details to make them hungry for more. It's that sweet spot between knowing and wanting to know more that keeps viewers hooked.

Why does it work like a charm?

As humans, our brains are wired to seek resolutions. When information feels incomplete, we can’t help but look for answers. This natural desire to be satisfied, compels viewers to watch your video till the end. Boosting your all-important watch time, retention and engagement rates!

How do you create a Curiosity Gap in your videos?

For sake of example, let's say you create 'Garden' content, here's how this would work:

1. Start with a Teaser: Begin your video with a provocative statement or question, but don’t give away the punchline.

"Want to know three easy tricks I used to DOUBLE my tomato harvest?"
"Planting flower will improve how well your carrots grow!"

2. Use the Power of Thumbnails and Titles: Your video’s title and thumbnail are the perfect tools to spark curiosity. Use titles that prompt questions or suggest revealing insights, matched with thumbnails that catch the eye (but don’t reveal too much).

3. Build Suspense: Structure your content to build anticipation. If you’re sharing "5 Secrets to Improve Your Herb Garden," tease viewers by hinting at what’s coming without giving it all away upfront. Let suspense build as you progress from one secret to the next.

4. Incorporate Unexpected Twists: Throw in surprises or little-known facts that disrupt expectations. "You’ll never guess what common kitchen item can help you grow more strawberries!"

5. Encourage Viewer Interaction: Ask questions that prompt viewers to comment. "What do you think is the number one mistake people make when planting kale? Comment below before the end to see if you’re right!"

Are you willing to give it a shot?

I encourage you to at least try to put this strategy into action and see how your audience responds. Start with an intriguing question or a surprising fact, and see how it affects your engagement/watch time! Who knows, this might just be the little extra *zing!* your content has needed all along 🤷‍♀️

Happy Creating!

- Meg

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