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Are you a 'smaller creator'? You may love this IG update! instagram hacks social strategy May 21, 2024

Instagram just announced that they are changing who see your content first and this could be a HUGE benefit to smaller creators. To learn more, watch this short video.

THEN head to the bottom of this post to learn how you can take advantage of this opportunity

"Smaller creators historically haven’t gotten their fair share of reach on Instagram, and we want to change that. So...

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Quality vs Quantity: What makes a better content strategy? social strategy Feb 20, 2024

Have you ever wondered how often you should be posting your content to TikTok and Instagram.

You've probably heard a few mixed opinions..

"You HAVE to be posting 3x a day on TikTok to get traction!!!"

"Posting at the EXACT time every single week is KEY to GROWTH!"

"Only post if it's SOLID content."

These different opinions can be polarizing and confusing. Which is...

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Improve Your Social Engagement With This 4-Step Checklist social strategy Feb 12, 2024

Are you guilty of being a passive user on TikTok or Instagram??

Scrolling videos without ever engaging (commenting or liking)
Only logging into the App to 'Post' your own videos
Neglecting to get back to comments

If so, take this email as a sign to change those bad habits! Why? Because your passive habits are probably stunting your growth..

But don't worry, there's a super easy fix that will...

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Increase Your Traffic with Instagram Automations instagram hacks social strategy Feb 06, 2024

Today I am going to share a super cool tool that BLEW UP in 2023, that can help you better connect with your audience (& also help you promote your product or offer).


Have you ever heard of ManyChat? Basically it's like having a 24/7 chatbot that can answer questions, provide valuable information, and even drive traffic to your offers. How flippin' cool is that?!


So how does...

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Tips to Grow With Instagram Reels in 2024 social strategy Feb 03, 2024

One of my goals for this year is to prioritize growth on Instagram. To be totally honest with you, I pumped the breaks on this platform the past couple of years with the introduction of TikTok. Why? Because I was getting bored of looking at the same old photos. But if 2023 proved anything on Instagram, it's that they are now taking video SUPER seriously in order to stay in the...

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How to Improve Your Social Strategy Using Content Pillars content creator tips social strategy Feb 02, 2024

Put your hand up if you want to accomplish ANY of the following in 2024:

Get more organized as a creator
Be more consistent with your posting
Grow a loyal, like-minded audience
Stop stressing over what to post
Become a top creator in your specific niche

 Hopefully you are over there waving your arms around screaming.. YES!!!

Here's the good news. Achieving all of these things is...

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