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instagram hacks social strategy Feb 06, 2024
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Today I am going to share a super cool tool that BLEW UP in 2023, that can help you better connect with your audience (& also help you promote your product or offer).


Have you ever heard of ManyChat? Basically it's like having a 24/7 chatbot that can answer questions, provide valuable information, and even drive traffic to your offers. How flippin' cool is that?!


So how does it work?

Well, you may have noticed that a lot of Reels on Instagram are encouraging viewers to leave a word in the comments section. It may look something like:


"Comment, 'Recipe' below to get the details & join my weekly recipe club!"


Once the comment is made, an automated direct message (customized based on your goals) will be sent to the viewer, directing them what to do next. It's kinda like having your own personal assistant for your content 😎 AND it's totally free to sign up and use!!


So, how can you use ManyChat to level up your content and drive more traffic to your offers? Let me break it down for you ⬇️


1. Engage and nurture your audience:

With ManyChat, you can set up automated messages that greet your audience or answer questions they have about your products/services. Think of it like having a virtual conversation with your followers. That way you can spend less time in your DM's and more time creating amazing content.


2. Drive traffic to your offers:

One of the coolest features of ManyChat is its ability to drive traffic to your offers. You can set up automated messages that lead your audience to your sales pages, webinar registrations, or any other offer you want to promote. I really love this feature for linking people to explore landing pages or to shop my affiliate links (without having to navigate to my "link in bio").


(Here's an example of how easy it is & what the platform backend looks like)


3. Get valuable insights:

ManyChat also provides analytics and insights into your audience's behavior. You can see which messages are performing well, which offers are getting the most clicks, and even segment your audience based on their interests. This data can help you refine your content strategy and make data-driven decisions.


This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ManyChat's capabilities and there are a TON of tutorials you can explore on their YouTube channel. I'm in the learning phase right there with you and can't wait to implement more automations in 2024!

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