TikTok & Reels Insights Accountability Checklist

Jun 02, 2024

I can't stress enough that getting comfy with the numbers behind your videos is going to be your secret sauce to success as a creator.

And since analytics can be a little intimidating, I wanted to make it super easy (and maybe even a bit fun for you) to get into the habit of looking at them regularly.

This weekly accountability checklist is going to help you use TikTok and Instagram Insights like a pro. Plus, the tasks on each day shouldn't take you more than 10ish minutes. I've also included an action item for each day so you can improve your strategy as you go.

I challenge you to save this as a note in your phone or somewhere handy, so you can reference it each week to keep tabs on your video's performance. You can thank me later πŸ˜‰


Weekly Insights Accountability Checklist:


1. Monday: Overview Check

Start your week by getting an high-level overview of your video performances from the past week. I just want you to get in the habit of looking at your insights. Take a mental note any spikes in engagement.
Take Action: What happened on those 'spike' days? Can you identify what caused the influx?

2. Tuesday: Deep Dive into Engagement Metrics

Look at the likes, comments, shares, and saves on your recent videos
Which types of content are getting the most interaction?
Take Action: Identify patterns & plan next week's content calendar based on what you discover.

3. Wednesday: Analyze Watch Time and Completion Rate

On TikTok, check your average watch time and completion rate for your videos
On Instagram, focus on the percentage of the video watched by users
Take Action: Are people watching all the way through? If not, consider tweaking the length, pacing or evaluating your hook. (Note: 9 times out of 10 a low watch time is a result of a poor hook. If you need a little support with this, I have a resource for you in the PS of this email.)

4. Thursday: Audience Insights

Who’s watching? Dive into demographics like age, gender, location, and active hours.
Take Action: Are you reaching your target audience, or do you need to adjust your content?

5. Friday: Hashtag and Content Type Performance

Review the performance of different hashtags and content types (e.g., tutorials, Q&As, behind-the-scenes).
Which hashtags are bringing the most views? Are certain content types performing better?
Take Action: Keep a running note of the best performing hashtags in your phone & update as you find ones that perform best!

6. Saturday: Competitor Analysis

Take a look at what similar profiles are doing. Note any strategies they use that might work for you.
Take Action: Save any content that inspires you. How could you do a completely different take on it?

7. Sunday: Plan and Prep

Take Action: Use your insights from the week to plan out the next week’s content.

And there you have it! A day-to-day accountability checklist for you to know your social numbers inside and out πŸ‘Š

Extra Tips to Keep in Mind:

Set Goals: Before you start tracking, have clear goals. Are you aiming for more engagement, higher watch times, or reaching a new audience? This will guide what metrics you focus on.

Document Changes and Results: Keep a log of any changes you make based on your insights and how these affect your performance. This will help you learn what works and what doesn’t.

Stay Consistent: The key to making the most of insights is consistency. Make checking and analyzing your insights a regular part of your workflow.

I really hope you found this helpful! What's cool is, the more seriously you take your analytics, the more growth you will see. But remember to also be easy on yourself. Every creator goes through seasons of hard focus and flowing freely, that's only natural.

But when things get a little too 'flowy' for you, I hope this can be your guide to find your way back :)

Have a good one!

- Meg 

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