Quality vs Quantity: What makes a better content strategy?

social strategy Feb 20, 2024

Have you ever wondered how often you should be posting your content to TikTok and Instagram.

You've probably heard a few mixed opinions..

"You HAVE to be posting 3x a day on TikTok to get traction!!!"

"Posting at the EXACT time every single week is KEY to GROWTH!"

"Only post if it's SOLID content."

These different opinions can be polarizing and confusing. Which is why I want to shine light on one of the biggest debates in the marketing world:

Quality vs. Quantity

I'm going to break down how to use both strategies to your advantage (& when it makes the most sense to implement each).

To kick things off, let's take a look at two of the biggest names in the game: Gary Vaynerchuk and Mr BeastThese two are really like oil and water,  but they both dominate in their own ways.

I'd consider Gary Vee one of the godfathers of the "Hustle Culture". He claims to have not taken a single day off in his twenties, which is basically a decade of non-stop hustle.

He's a big advocate for Quantity and believes that "if you're not producing 100 pieces of content (across all social channels) a day, you're leaving money on the table." (I hope that's an exaggeration on his end because holy sh*t that sounds exhausting.. )

On the flip side, Mr Beast is a perfectionist and he spends an insane amount of time and effort on each video to make sure it's up to his high standards. He's all about Quality and creating content that people will want to watch every single second of.

The truth is, both of them are right in their own way, it's just a matter of finding the right balance that works for you.


1. When 'Quantity' Matters Most

As a content creator, it's easy to get caught up in the idea of creating viral hits right out of the gate, but it's not always realistic. I want you to think of 'quantity' as experimentingWhen you're starting out (or trying to revitalize your channel), you're first step to is figure out what your target audience wants from you. 

This is why we always suggest that creators experiment with a few of different video formats. This is so you can find one or two video-styles that your niche audience will resonate with.

Now before you start panicking, this doesn't mean having to post multiple times a day. Instead, challenge yourself to posting 3 times a week while in this experimental phase. Creating videos at this frequency will help you become more comfortable in front of the camera, develop your skills and help you find your voice as a creator.

This doesn't mean you should just start posting everything and anything.

Each video still needs to have a strong hook, provide value and offer a payoff to the viewer (following the framework we teach in the course). But after a few weeks of posting regularly and testing new video formats, you'll discover what your audience wants to see most!


2. When & Why To Go 'ALL IN!" On Quality 

I want you to think of 'quality' as providing impact and value. Once you're comfortable with your skills and have found your winning formats, it's pivotal to shift your mindset to always creating content that will resonate with your audience and make an impact in their lives.

At this point you have narrowed in on a specific niche (and whether you like it or not) your audience now has expectations of you. So if continuing to post 3x a week stresses you out and as a result, the quality is going to lack. Then don't do it!

You should never post just for the sake of posting.

Think about it this way.

Let's say you're meeting a new friend for coffee. The first interaction was incredible. You got really good vibes, have a TON in common and are looking forward to the next time to get to connect.

But then the next coffee date.. doesn't go the same.

Turns out this person has polarizing opinions from you, talks non-stop about subjects you can't resonate with and the vibe is just OFF. Chances are.. you probably aren't going to jump at the opportunity to sip a latte with them again.

The same goes for your content.

Because we know that the algorithm shows your content to your audience FIRST and then decides if it should go to the masses based on their level of engagement, your job is to make sure it's going to resonate with them. If it doesn't, it will flop.

So what does this all mean?


Once you have found your winning formats.. focus on quality. If that means you can only post a slam-dunk video once a week, that's totally cool! But if you can continue pumping out 3 amazing videos a week, growth will only happen faster for you. Find the frequency that feels attainable with your lifestyle and roll with it.


So, should we listen to Gary Vee and produce a ton of content or Mr Beast and focus on quality?


The answer is both. Start by producing a lot of content to develop your skills and then focus on creating meaningful and valuable content that people will want to watch.

That's the sweet spot.

Until next time! 

- Meg
 Chief Inspiration Officer 

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Quality vs Quantity: What makes a better content strategy?

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