How to improve your Instagram Story views!

content creator tips instagram hacks May 24, 2024

Are your Instagram Stories not getting the views you're hoping for? If so, here's some actionable advice on how to truly unlock the potential of Instagram Stories and make them work harder for you.

I want to start with something that blew my mind. I recently polled my own audience asking whether they preferred to consume my content via Reels or Stories. Out of 1347 who responded, 94% said they enjoyed Stories. That's a HUGE number.

So if you are sleeping on Stories, know that there is a very good chance that your audience could be hungry for them. 

If you're not entirely sure where to start, are feeling uninspired or you are lacking a strategy.. I think this will help! (Especially #3!!) β€΅οΈ

1. Consistency is Key πŸ”‘

First off, consistency doesn’t mean bombarding your followers with Story content 24/7. It means having a steady flow of stories that keep your audience engaged and looking forward to what’s next. Posting regular niche-related Stories is going to help keep you top of mind for you audience and establish you as a trusted source in your niche.

Take Action: Try to post at least 5 Stories per day to keep your audience in the loop.


2. Get Interactive 🀳

Polls, questions, quizzes - Instagram offers a TON of interactive features. Use them! They’re not just fun, they give your audience a voice, making them feel valued and part of your journey. Plus, it’s a great way to gather feedback or just see what your followers are thinking.

Take Action: This week, I challenge you to host a Q&A via Stories. Even if you only get a few responses, that's totally okay! Hosting a Q&A is going to show your audience that you are open to sharing more of your journey and it will encourage them to ask a question the next time you host one.

3. Build a Story Arch πŸ“•

Just like we teach in our course, you want to make sure your Stories are able to hook your audience, provide value, and deliver some sort of payoff. Bonus: try adding a CTA or teaser for what you plan to share the following day to encourage your audience to check back!

Instead of picking up your phone and going rogue, ask yourself:

"How can I spark curiosity today?"
"What value can I provide the viewer?"
"What is the payoff for sticking around?"
"How can I encourage people to come back tomorrow" (CTA)

So you can understand what I am talking about, I've put together a quick example. Let's say I am an interior designer, I could plan my day of Stories like this:


Story #1: "Today I am working on finding some decor pieces for a farmhouse inspired living space I am designing for one of my clients. Let me take you along for the ride & see what we can find (while staying in budget)!"
Story #2: "To begin, here is what the blueprint for the space looks like... (showing design plans on computer or paper & sharing how you plan to achieve the farmhouse look)"
Story #3: "Next I am heading to my local decor store to find some staple pieces. My budget is $500.. let's see if we can find anything."
Story #4-7: (share "this or that" images of decor pieces you like in the store and add a Poll to encourage your audience to engage)
Story #8: "I think I've landed on a few pieces that will work great! Let's head to the checkout to see if we stayed within budget.."
Story #9: (show each of the pieces with prices and reveal the grand total) **A bonus here could be partnering with the store you shopped at as an affiliate, and linking the products for your audience to shop online!
Story #10: "I think these pieces are going to look great! Tomorrow I'll be picking paint colours for the walls & trim. I can't wait to show you the options I found.

Do you see what I'm getting at here? I was able to spark curiosity in my hook, provide value along the way and offer a payoff (what I bought) at the end. Plus, spark even more curiosity with a CTA to encourage people to come back to watch the following day.

Take Action: Plan out what your next 2 days of Stories could look like using the framework I shared above. Note: Once you get consistent with Stories, delivering them in this format will come naturally. It won't take much time to plan at all!


4. Use Highlights Wisely 🌟

Think of Highlights as your Instagram Stories portfolio. Use them to categorize your best stories, tutorials, FAQs, or events. It’s not just about archiving; it’s about strategically showcasing what you offer to both new and existing followers.

Take Action: Brainstorm 3 types of Highlights that would be valuable on your channel. Using the Interior Designer example again, the 3 highlights for this channel could look like: Decor Under $50, Paint Colours, Before/Afters

5. Text Overlay, Captions & Hashtags ✍️

Don’t forget to make your stories accessible and discoverable. Adding a brief text overlay (or captioning if you are speaking to camera) ensures that even without sound, your message gets across. Hashtags, on the other hand, can help you extend your reach beyond your immediate followers. Just don’t overdo it – keep it relevant and neat (you can even hide them off screen so they don't take up space).

Take Action: Research hashtags that are relevant to your niche and save them to a note in your phone. That way you can easily copy/paste them to your future Stories.

Remember, the aim is to create stories that resonate with your audience, align with your niche, all while staying true to your brand. Test these tips, see what works for you, and don’t be afraid to push a little out of your comfort zone. Instagram Stories is a fantastic tool to let your personality shine and connect with your audience on a genuine level.

Happy Storying!!

- Meg 


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