CTAs: How to get more conversions on your content!

Apr 10, 2024

If your struggling with getting your audience to take the next step after watching your content, I think you're going to find this helpful!

I'm gunna nerd out for a second and talk about the unsung hero of short form video content: the Call to Action. Or as marketers call it, the CTA! πŸ“£

Yes, that magical little prompt at the end of your videos that can turn passive scrollers into conversions.

Let's begin with the basics where I'll be sharing the three of the biggest CTA mistakes I see creators make.

Then, I'll share 50+ CTA examples at the very bottom for you to use on your content! 

What is a CTA?

A call to action (CTA) is a prompt at the very end of your video that tells the viewer to take a specified action. I like to think of a CTA like one of those dudes waving their orange glowing sticks on the airplane tarmac. Can you picture it lol?

This is how you are going to direct your audience to what you'd like them to do next. Maybe you want them to join an email list, check out a new product, or leave a comment to increase your video's engagement? A CTA is your opportunity to guide your viewers on their journey with you.

Three ways you can provide a CTA ‡️

Verbal: In the last 2 seconds of your video, you can deliver your CTA directly to the camera or include it with a voiceover.

Text Block: This CTA is super common for 'faceless' accounts OR if you want to deliver the CTA and the video's payoff at the same time

Caption: This should be done in combination with a verbal or text block CTA. A good practice is to place it right after your caption hook (we cover this in our Art of Hooks Creator Course):

Ex. Did that just happen.. 😳 What would you have done??

A lot of creators I talk to say they stay away from including a CTA at the end of their video because they don't want to come off as 'salsey' to their audience. But they totally don't have to be. One of the biggest lessons I ever learned in marketing is this:  If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Avoid these mistakes & you'll never come off as a social media car salesman.

3 Biggest Mistakes Creators Make with their CTAs

MISTAKE #1: The CTA is too long.
Your CTA should only make up the last 2-3 seconds of your video. Any longer, and there is a VERY good chance your viewer is scrolling.

MISTAKE #2: The CTA is confusing.
Your CTA should also be crystal clear on the value you are going to provide the viewer next. They will be making their decision in a split second as to whether they want to move onto the next step. If your CTA is confusing in anyway, they are automatically scrolling.

MISTAKE #3: The CTA is irrelevant.
If you are making a video teaching someone how to make a cake, your CTA can't be for your business coaching program. Make sure your CTA correlates with the overall theme of your video.

And I get it. It can difficult to always be coming up with ways to get your audience to take action. So I've compiled a huge list of examples, based on your conversion goals, that you can hopefully pull some inspiration from! 

Important Note: To utilize some of the CTAs below, I'd suggest getting all set up with automations on Instagram. I wrote an email about a platform we use called ManyChat a few months ago. Here's the same info in a blog post I wrote if you want to check it out :)

#1. CTAs for when you want more engagement on your videos

Use these call-to-actions to increase the amount of comments on your videos. Make sure to customize them to fit your own niche! Note: The examples below can be used for either verbal, text block or caption CTAs :)

  • Tag someone you know who NEEDS to see this!
  • This is my favourite [inset product]. Tag yours below!
  • Has this happened to you? Tell me your story ‡️
  • What else do you want to know about [insert topic]?
  • Did you catch the 'easter egg' in this video??
  • Got questions? Leave them in the comments and let’s get a Q&A going!
  • Challenge: Summarize this video in a haiku. Best one gets pinned!
  • Comment ⛳️ for ______ or πŸ’ for ______ !
  • Does this deserve a sequel? Cast your voteπŸ‘‡
  • Help me settle this debate: [insert debate topic related to the video]. What’s your take?
  • Describe their reaction in 3 emojis 🀣 ⬇️


#2. CTAs for promoting a lead magnet

Whether you want to drive people to a a PDF resource, checklist, e-guide, webinar or masterclass, here's some thought starters on how to ask people to sign up for your value-packed lead magnet:

  • Found this tip helpful? I've got a totally free ____ guide in my bio!
  • Ready to level up? Your next step is in the comments.
  • I made you a bonus πŸ‘€ Grab it in my bio!
  • Liked what you saw? There’s more in the comments ‡️
  • Everything is figureoutable with a good ______. DM your email & I’ll send my guide straight to your inbox.
  • Want the details? DM your email address and I’ll send it right now.
  • Seats are limited, grab your spot now (link in bio).
  • Comment 'reserve my seat' and we’ll DM you the link to the webinar!
  • Try our first module for FREE. Comment "I'm in" and I'll send it your way!
  • Hit the link in our bio to binge our FREE Masterclass.


#3. CTAs for when you have a launch coming up

Note: Make sure you have your links or a LinkTree set up in your bio so you can drive people to your launch landing page.

  • Our newest creation is live! Find all the details in our first pinned Reel πŸŽ‰
  • Get an EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes sneak peek at the link in my profile πŸ‘€
  • Just dropped: Our newest [insert product]! Full reveal in our "Spring 2024" highlight.
  • Curious? Head to my 1st highlight to see why people LOVE [insert product]
  • Last day to sign up for pre-sale. Tickets launch tomorrow. Claim your spot in my bio 🎟️
  • Tag a pal who NEEDS this product as soon as it launches!
  • Want first access? DM me your email and I'll add you to the list!
  • This was just a taste, join my email list for the reveal (link in bio)
  • Sign up at the link in my bio and get yours before anyone else.
  • Head to my bio to join the the VIP list now.
  • Early birds get 20% off - link in bio!


#4. CTAs for promoting a discount

Yes, these CTAs are going to be a little bit salesy..but hey, that's the same of the game if you are running a promo. My advice? Try to make the language as fun as possible! Note: The CTAs below are going going to be most effective placed after your hook in your video's caption.

  • Shhh.. I've included a secret promo code in my previous reel 🀫
  • Tag 3 friends and I’ll DM you a 30% off promo-code!
  • Comment 'Yes please!" & I'll send you a code for 25% off sitewide!
  • Did you catch the secret discount code? πŸ‘€ Watch till the end to grab your discount.
  • *free gift alert* when you shop online from [date]___ to [date] ___.
  • Psst…because you’ve read this far down, you get a FURTHER 10% off! Use Promocode _____ at checkout
  • Look closely πŸ‘€ because there’s a BIG discount code in this video.
  • Come in store, show us this post and pocket 25% off in store πŸƒ‍♀️
  • Most 'liked' comment gets a 40% discount. Ready... go! 😏


#5. CTAs for selling a service

  • Want [desired outcome]? I got you. Details in my 1st 'pinned' Reel.
  • Let’s achieve [desired outcome] together. Learn how in the comments πŸ‘‡
  • Need proof? See how [insert client name] in my pinned Reels!
  • This success story was crazy. But I can one-up it. Head to my most recent highlight.
  • This could save you ______ and give you back ______. Details in my bio!
  • A _____ in just _____?! It can be done! Find out how by checking out my ‘Testimonials’ story highlight.
  • Comment [insert desire] or [insert desire]. Which do you want more?
  • Not sure where to start? Tell me your biggest challenge below and I’ll DM you with a few thought starters.
  • See!? THIS is what you're missing. Link in my bio for the next step! ✨
  • I love a good client success story. I've pinned latest one in the comments! πŸ™Œ

Hopefully this left you feeling inspired you to start driving your audience to all of the amazing things you have to offer 😊

Until next time!!

- Meg


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